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How do I do the foot plant to grind?

My good friend coach (which looks an awful lot like the guy from My Name Is Earl & Dogma btw... aswell as sounds pretty much like him too) hasn't explained to me how I do the foot plant into grind thing, and I've been mashing all kinds of buttons, but all to no avail.. anyone know how to pull this off? t.i.a.

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TheTrueDeiform answered:

and btw, yes that is Jason Lee from "My Name is Earl", and didn't EA do a great job of making him look exactly like him
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TheTrueDeiform answered:

to do a footplant to grind:

jump above the rail (ledge, hubba, etc) holding one of your grab buttons (L2 & R2 for ps3),

then when you're right on top of it, as if you're going to grind, hold one of your foot buttons (X or square).

you can hold the foot button a bit early, but it seems to get a little squirrely if you hold WAY early

you should footplant the rail. the tricky part is landing in a grind from your footplant. that will just take practice & finding the right angle to hit the plant and not push so far off that you dont land on the rail to grind.

hope this helps :)
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