• Alternate Costumes

    How to Unlock Character's Third and Fourth Costumes

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Fourth CostumeClear a Minimum of 50 Quests with the Character
    Third CostumeObtain Level 10 with the Character

    Contributed By: werewolf310.

  • Unlockable ''Other'' Characters

    Many characters are unlocked by playing specific quests within the story mode. Many of these quests are unlocked during or after the completion of Chapter 6, with the exclusion of Meng Huo.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Diao ChanClear "Battle of Hu Lao Gate" 5-Star Version
    Dong ZhuoClear "Battle of Luo Yang" and "Battle of Mei Castle" 5-Star Versions
    Lu BuClear Chapter 6 of Any Story Mode.
    Meng HuoClear "Unification of Nan Zhong" (Unlocked By Clearing the Previous Two Nanman Quests Given by the "Second Gatekeeper" in Chapter 3)
    Yuan ShaoClear "Zenith Tower" Request Mission
    Zhang JiaoClear "Yellow Turban Rebellion" 5-Star Version

    Contributed By: werewolf310.


  • Trophies

    Complete each requirement to receive the Trophies. There are 12 Bronze Trophies, 14 Silver Trophies, 4 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

    Academy Disciple (Bronze)Acquire first Chi Skill
    Blacksmith Patron 1 (Bronze)Make first weapon
    Blacksmith Patron 2 (Bronze)Power up first weapon
    Budding General (Bronze)Issue first command to Allied Officer
    Budding Strategist (Bronze)Use first Card Tactic
    Card Collector (Silver)Collect all Officer Cards
    Dynasty Warrior (Platinum)Unlock all trophies
    Grand Developer (Gold)Upgrade all City Facilities to maximum
    Grand General (Gold)Reach Level 50
    Grand Strategist (Gold)Use all Card Tactics
    Heretics Suppressed (Bronze)Completed Chapter 1 in any Story
    Invincible General (Silver)Complete all Quests
    Legend Collector (Silver)Collect all Legends
    Minnow K.O. (Bronze)Defeat first rank and file soldier
    Mutual Exchange (Silver)Trade Officer with another player for the first time
    Officer K.O. (Bronze)Defeat first Officer
    Online Venture (Silver)Connect to Online City for the first time
    Orb Collector (Silver)Collect all Orbs
    Three Kingdoms Established (Silver)Completed Chapter 4 in any Story
    Three Kingdoms United - Shu (Silver)Completed Shu's Story
    Three Kingdoms United - Wei (Silver)Completed Wei's Story
    Three Kingdoms United - Wu (Silver)Completed Wu's Story
    Traitor Crushed (Bronze)Completed Chapter 2 in any Story
    Treasure Collector (Silver)Collect all Treasures
    Tyranny Sealed (Silver)Completed Chapter 3 in any Story
    Tyranny Vanquished (Gold)Completed Chapter 6 in any Story
    Victory Banquet (Silver)Complete first online Quest
    Victory Toast (Bronze)Complete first Quest
    Weapon Collector (Silver)Collect all Weapons
    Weaponry K.O. (Bronze)Defeat first Weaponry
    Workshop Patron (Bronze)Make first Orb

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

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