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How do you get your own knight?

I'm near the end-game of WKC2 (just unlocked red-isle, but haven't gone there for some G/Exp/GR grinding), and i talked to the cat-doctor, who told me to look in dogma rift for the special area. But in the guild receptionist's list, i can't find the bounty needed to make the special knight-boss appear. Are there specific conditions I need to fulfill? I read that it was possible to get your avatar-knight BEFORE you actually finish WKC2's main game.

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ragnarok183 answered:

It's all good. I found the quest after doing a few errands and quests I haven't finished. I did it when my party was all lvl 52, and I beat the knight in less than 10 minutes or so.
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dracoflamulas answered:

Let it be noted that it is extremely difficult to do the Knight Moves bounty hunter quest at the recommended level of 55. I had my party of Avatar Spear, Yulie Divine/Bow, and Eldore Magic/Longsword. It took me near an hour just to get to the incorruptus, and almost just as long to kill it. I also had to fight my way back out, but at least once the incorruptus was dead, nothing else spawned so I could rest on the middle platform to get all mana back up.

You also don't need any GR or done any errand quests as I had a GR of 4 at the time and 0 errand quests done. You just need to have access to Inside Balandor Castle, after the Balandor Past events and you beat General Dragius. After the story scenes, you see a scene where that crazy girl whom stole your gift from Don Fibianachi tells you she had mages bombard it with spells and it opened up gravity rifts all over the lands. That's when the Bounty Hunt quest Knight Moves appears.
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