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Why can't I get a Statue?

I got some good grades in quests. I even bought a ticket from PSN. And my Deliah is at 116. And I STILL can't get a statue. Has something happened?

385123 provided additional details:

No. It's not any of that. I NEVER got a statue before this happened.

Accepted Answer

Alkor1 answered:

Statues can only be taken from online georamas, your offline georama or the offline towns won't allow you to create them.

Talk to Gaspard (the binding shop owner) in an online georama or a guild town to be able to use the statue workshop.
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Alkor1 answered:

If it's saying you already commissioned one but keep saying it after 1 hour, it's because you forgot to save after commissioning it.

Cancel the statue and start a new one, it should work.
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