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Can you play someone in street fighter 4 online if you have super street figher 4?

What am asking is to see if i can play my friends in super street fighter 4 online even though they have only street fighter 4. I am thinking no you can but i want to ask people that already go it to see if they have tried it but am thinking because of the changes that its a no. am asking this be cause am thinking about getting super street fighter 4 but unsure mainly because my friends are not planning on getting it any time soon

Accepted Answer

kingkrown24 answered:

Yea u can't the game are completely different not linkable, like asking ( if tekken 5 was for ps3 ) if you had tekken 6 and could play with ppl who have tekken 5. It's not likely gonna happen they should get the game, it's cheap and not bad.
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wonzan answered:

No, they cannot.
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