Question from Stone500

Asked: 4 years ago

What does the lightning bolt symbol mean?

I seen the lightning bolt symbol in the move lists and cannot tell what it means. Same thing with the other blue rectangle icon on most moves. Anyone know what those are for? I'm guessing guard breaks and EX-capable moves, but can someone verify this please?

Accepted Answer

From: dadarkgtprince 4 years ago

Scroll to the bottom of the move list, it tells you there. The lightning bolt means it will break the opponent's guard, i.e. if they are focus attacking, you will break it instead of them being able to absorb it. The blue bar next to it means that's how many EX bars it takes to armor break.

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Submitted Answers


It means the move focus crush meaning that they will break your focus attack if used against one.

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The move with the lighting bolt means it contains armor break property, the blue square means how much of the super meter it will take to do that move and also for the blue squarex2.

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