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How many Chapter does Dead Space 2 have?

How many Chapter does Dead Space 2 have?

STRFLUSH provided additional details:

Thank you, wait is it 15 or 16 im a little confused lol

STRFLUSH provided additional details:

Thank you!!!

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FallingDonkey answered:

15 Chapters
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T3RM1N470R117 answered:

It has 14 chapters.
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filthlogo7 answered:

16 Chapters
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T3RM1N470R117 answered:

Sorry, it has 15.
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fallout03 answered:

It is 15, not 16
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combatthing2 answered:

Dead space 2 has 14 chapters 1 of my mates has completed it and hes told me there are 14 chapters and so im only 4 chapters off completeing it
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thomas_shaw answered:

There are fifteen.

However, the fifteenth consists solely of a hallway and the last boss fight, so people that don't hit every save point often miss the last chapter change.
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Elimin8orDan answered:

Theres 15. I know I missed alot of when the chapters changed. My friend called teh chapter 15 change right after the savepoint near the end. lol
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lyoslaying answered:

15 Chapter and Combatthing your mate must be totally wrong.
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