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What are the walls with the 7 star big dipper pattern?

How do I break these walls when I see them? Is there something I have to do?

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timmagicker answered:

The trick to opening them is unlocking the Hokuto Seven Stars of Death Signature attack. It costs 50 points to unlock, and costs one Spirit Gauge segment to use. Generally, the walls only hide the Red Dragon Scroll (+15 Skill Points) Item, but at least one hides an enemy required to fill the Big Dipper emblem.

On a side note, the Japanese name of the attack is Hokuto Shichishiseiten.

On a second side note, during Raoh's story, you get an attack that breaks the walls down as well.
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hishamelhadidi answered:

Yes , there is must unlock the seven stars super attack (hokuto scieech......somthing but the attack is like the tenha kassatsu but on a smaller unlock da attack then stand infront of da bigg-ass wall and kablast !
you unloack a new part of the map ! if u need anything else just ask anoher question !
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Draqq_Zyxorian answered:

To add to hishamelhadidi's response, you can unlock the Hokuto Seven Stars attack by spending 50 skill points in the Meridian. Of course, you have to reach that ability first. Normally, the only thing behind the 7-star walls are +15 skill points scrolls.
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Lamuoni answered:

Its on the down-left from the start point of Kenshiro hability tree.
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