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What is a Titan exactly?

For the Trophy?

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SHYguyGrimm answered:

Like its been said they are the tall ones who wield swords or clubs. They do not appear until much later in the game and basically fight just the same as Ratash when you first fight him. You can perform an aerial attack to finish them off when you bring their health down about half way.
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GamerT answered:

I'm pretty sure that a Titan is one of those big enemies that likes to charge at you. If you remember the first kind of mini-boss fight you had with the large enemy with the Gold Helmet I'm pretty sure that is a Titan.
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Pythonax answered:

The titans are the really tall enemies that stand on 2 feet and wield swords or clubs. They are not the smaller ones that charge at you, and I am not sure there are actually 5 of the smaller ones you can kill with aerial attacks (I never managed to pull one off on the armored ones).
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Plaids answered:

Can anyone give a better desciption of the TITANs than this? Color? detail? etc.
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