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Asked: 4 years ago

When do we retire our CAF's?

How and when do you retire cause I'm in my 8th year and my stats are really detieroating fast now.

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They are forced to retire after 12 years no mater what age they started at.

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As far as the stats deterioration goes, make sure you raise up just one at a time until you get all of them to 70, which is a checkpoint of sorts. Then after that just use gameplans for each fight. It's not worth the maintenance.

And yes, its a 12-year career, which is kinda dumb considering I'm fighting guys who are near 50 years old.

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Dan Severn is 55 and he fought in town just last month. He killed Sam Flood his opponent who was 24. Couture is pushing 50 as well... being late 40's =/= you can't fight anymore.

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Just like real life, your career isn't over until year 12 when your fighter is told by his manager and joe silva that he must leave the thunderdome and wander the wastelands forever.

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I got minused? Gotta love how someone goes out of their way to minus that simply because they're mad about their own ignorance. Good old angsty teens on the internet.

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