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Asked: 4 years ago

How do i get up to the next weight division?

i started at lightweight and was able to go to welterweight by beating bj penn but i already have both the titles for lightweight and welterweight and they still wont offer me to go to the next division.ive defended my title 13 times already.PLS help?

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When I was in the last couple of years in career mode in the heavyweight division as the champion, I was asked to change weight classes to light heavyweight. I went through the LH division to finally become the champion and I only fought in the heavyweight and light heavyweight classes concluded my career. I don't think you can fight in more than 2 divisions?

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You can only switch weight class once per career.

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say you where in light weight. And u fought for the title and won. If u keep on winning you may get asked to go to heavy weight and compete for that title.

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