Question from sup3rman_001

GCPD and Mr. Freeze?

I am inside the GCPD and took out the Penguins thugs. I am in the large room but can't figure out how to move to the next area, There are two pipes shooting air so I can't slide under. Anyone make it past this?

JaxRidix asked for clarification:

I have just got to this stage of the game and got to the museum but cant get in. How do you get in?


ca0656 answered:

You need to go to the muesume. If you bring up your map it will show you where to go. You cant get past those pipes until later when you have the apporite gadget.
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TheBigErn answered:

You need the freeze disrupter to get through that spot. Finish the quest in the museum first.
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kevinsyel answered:

I also got stuck in this place for about 2 hours. You need to head toward the exit of the GCPD and Penguin will lock it down. After the lockdown, enter the grate next to the entrance and pop up inside another room that teaches you how to use the Cryptographer. After cracking the password the door will open and the game will tell you that your next objective is to look for Freeze at Penguin's Museum
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Ikariwarrior123 answered:

I can't even get into the gcpd. I took out thugs with guns but there is no access inside. There is the one garage door that won't open fully to get in
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gfred4 answered:

Ikariwarrior123 You have to slide under the door, sup3rman_001 when to get to the steam pipes, turn directly around and go that way ie. the way you came in.
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brawlfanboy9 answered:

You throw an ice grenade at it.
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