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Where is Nora Fries?

Title says it all.

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I saved the armored guard for last, and I take out the shield guys right away, everytime they go to pick it up, I dodge and knock them over before they can pick them up. Actually kind of an easy fight.
And I found it right after I asked. But thank you.

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pyromite answered:

Underneath one of the big industrial cranes is a small abandoned ship with a few dinghy nearby. Toss an ice grenade that you got from Freeze right in front of you and pull yourself across to the destructible wall with the Bat-claw, like you did with the rafts in the Penguin's museum/Iceberg Lounge. Blow up the wall, pull yourself across, and go into the door. Nora Fries is being guarded by about 10 inmates with a couple guns around the room. Good luck with the shielded and armored inmates, you'll need all the luck you can get.
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