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How do I disable the freeze gun and save the cops?

I am in the museum, and i have to rescue the last 2 cops, but i cant because Penguin is using the freeze gun. I have to disable it somehow. I tryed listening and tryed to leave the museum to go the old GCPD but when i try to exit it says i have to save the last 2 cops first. So how do I disable the freeze gun and save the cops?

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pyromite answered:

When you rescue Mr. Freeze, he'll tell you about a chip that jams his own weapons, so they can't be used against him. Go back to Freeze's suit with the officers and you'll get the jamming device. It has a limited range, so you'll need to get close. The only way to do that is to go around to the stretch of flooring that he's on, out in the open. Fortunately, he's a cocky little bastard and lets you walk up so you can jam it before he can do anything. Just sock him good in the nose to knock him to the ground. After that... good luck.
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alex_pilot_0080 answered:

you have to find Mr.Freeze he will give you something to disable the gun
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bobinatcat3 answered:

He is in the room to your left of shark lake.
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thuggishwayze answered:

Run around the circular hallway until you see the walkway leading to the middle where Penguin is standing. Wait til he stops shooting in your direction and walk out far enough to throw so you can stay "hidden", then hold the trigger that jams the freeze ray.

*After retrieving the chip like Pyro said*
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wwerules24 answered:

When you get to the stretch of flooring he's standing on he'll "give you a free shot". Use your strikes then use the disruptor chip to stop him.
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