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How do I beat mr freeze?

After I electrocute him in the puddle what do I do next?

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ghost2902 answered:

There are multiple ways to take down his defenses so that you can attack him. On Normal, you need to attack him with a beatdown 5 times to finish the fight, and after you've used a method, you can't use it again.

Possible methods to take his defenses down :
- Takedown from a grate
- Takedown behind window
- Use explosive gel near him
- Use the REC on the transformers to have them magnetically attract Mr. Freeze
- Use a batarang on the switch near bottom, when Mr. Freeze is between the 2 cables, to have electricity shock him
- Sneak up behind him for a silent takedown
And finally, my personal favorite:
- Use the gun disruptor :p

Kind of fitting that you can use his own disruptor chip against him :-)
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gladimo answered:

You have to use the different predator takedowns on him. Sneak up from behind, get him from under a crawlspace, hang from a ledge as he walks by, and use your explosive gel from the side and from above.
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doubleace36 answered:

you can also pop out of the grates for a nice takedown. Also I used the electric gun on the electric magnets on the walls when he was near, It's really funny to watch that frigerator of a villain get sucked to the wall by magnetism, you can run up and beat the crap out of him after any takedown or environmental attack.
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pyromite answered:

There are 12 possible ways to knock him down and he will take measures to ensure you don't do anything twice. If you take long enough, the computer in the Batcave will give you a full readout of possible ways to take him down. As ghost2902 mentioned, you only need to hit him 5 times for him to stay down.

It's also worth noting, if you mess up after you stun him somehow and he recovers before you lay the beatdown on him, it won't count against you. As in, if you use your zipline to kick him and you travel too far and lose him, you can try the zipline again and he won't shoot you out of the air.
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MythriL86 answered:

Hard Mode Players requires Eight takedown's (Use Once ONLY)

01.TakeDown from a grate\
02.Takedown behind window
03.Place Explosive Gel on destroyable walls
04.Use Remote Electrical Charge on Electromagnetic Transformers
05.Hang from ledge Takedown
06.Lure Freeze to the two cables lying of the floor and Push Button
07.Crouch sneak behind him Takedown
08.And Use the Disruptor gun

P.S. Thank you "ghost2902" for the extras :)
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kungfu_blaziken answered:

I have here a URL to a Youtube video that demonstrates several ways to get at Freeze
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