Question from skabx

How do i get past all the snipers around the Monarch Theater?

Do i need to come from the back? Is there a secret door i don't know of?


SjRambo210 answered:

You have to take your time and use a silent takedown on all of them before you approach the door!
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leeberry3 answered:

Take out each sniper from the outside-in. To help with this, you can claw their rifles away plus disrupt them to render them useless and take out snipers that are out of view.
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overseer16 answered:

I just beat it. i used the baturang to knock them out as the others don't point there guns up there right away. then run in quickly for the kill. if there's one looking his direction toss a rang at the one looking and come up from behind the other. ya may get shot once or twice but you should be able to do it and as for the last two near the doors rang one and glide kick the other.i would suggest start from the left side and work clockwise around them making sure to go slow and careful
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waschbaerjohann answered:

Make sure that you get them all with a silent takedown. Do not use anything that will alert them, or you may have 6-7 sniper rays upon your head that will result in an almost-instant-death, even with fully upgraded armor (assuming normal difficulty).
You have to take them all out in order to enter the theatre, until you do, the door will remain locked.
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brawlfanboy9 answered:

Sneak around the environment
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