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how do i get into the MUSEUM...:s?

i've been in search of mr. freeze for quite some time now trying to follow the "cooling" detector... but i coincidently flew past some inmates talking, and i heard one of them saying PENGUIN's got mr. freeze held down at the MUSEUM...! but how do i get IN there...:s?!? i can't hack the power box that gives me access... i found some kind of BACK DOOR...! but when i knocked on it, an inmate just looked out and said: who is it..? AHH...! what do YOU want..!? go away! nothing to see here!. *closing door* so....HELP...:s?!

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Havoc3197 answered:

You need to go to the old GCPD building. Inside you'll interrogate some of Penguin's thugs. Then you'll egt to access the museum.
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