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Riddler question?

Ok, So I rescued the first hostage (in the electric room) and got the frequency code, but when I tune into it, I get a message from the Riddler saying "Ah ah, Dark Knight! The key to THIS riddle is Secrets, which YOU don't have enough of!" then it ends like a recording. I've been collecting Riddler trophies like crazy but keep getting the message.. anyone know what I need to do?

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CloudX97 answered:

Yes, just continue finding Trophies, and Scanning Riddle Answers; when you complete the requirements, a message will pop up, telling you to press SELECT for the Enigma Box, etc.
I've saved 4 hostages so far, and already completed the game..I have a feeling that to get them all, you probably have to 100% all riddles (trophies/scannable riddle answers).
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Sol4688 answered:

Collect more. I don't know exactly how many, but if you just rescued your first hostage, it'll be a while yet.
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dwarflord1984 answered:

You need to scan the clue box he gave you.
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thefatman999 answered:

You are able to unlock the next hostage after every 80 riddler secrets (including riddles, trophies, breakable items, challenges, etc).
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