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How do u change your costume in the campain?

I cant change my costume as catwomen

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marcmanley79 answered:

To wear one of the skins for your first playthrough select your game save then press Left, Left, Down, Down, Left, Left, Right, Up, Up, Down. Then begin your game. You can then pick from any of the skins you have downloaded for Batman.
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thewizard--99 answered:

Only batmans can be changed when loading your campain
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thenamek answered:

Can you you only change coatume in new game +
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GameGod0122 answered:

In Story Mode you can only change Batman's costume. When you load your game it will ask you which costume you'd like to wear. Just pick your preferred outfit. Catwoman's costume (along with other DLC characters) can only be changed in the Riddler's Revenge missions
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rearviewmirror8 answered:

You can only change it in New Game+ or when you beat the normal story. You cannot change your costume in the regular campaign. Once you beat the game, every time you go in it will ask which costume you want.
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fl2843 answered:

I have beaten the story and it does not give me the option to change costumes when I load the campaign... It just loads the campaign. Am I missing a step?
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Herugrim answered:

You can only change costumes after you have completed the main story campaign and when you start a new game+ playing on hard or normal difficult. If you're playing on Easy you will not be able to change costumes in story mode. Also if you pick the animated or Year One outfits then catwoman will by default be in that costume as well.
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thunderloins answered:

OK, let me drop some knowledge on you peeps who are answering this because I am in the same predicament as several of the people on here. When reading this here and on other forums there are some people who have this problem, and then a bunch of people answering who don't understand that there is something wrong and the user is not at fault. Probably.

I play Arkham Asylum on PC via Steam.

Have I beaten the game on normal (100% story)? Yes.
Did I get the message that new outfits for Batman and Catwoman were unlocked? Yes.
Do I get the option to changing outfits when choosing continue game after beating the game? No.
Do I get the option to change outfits when selecting New Game+ ? No.

The only place I can select different outfits is on the challenge maps. And then only on Catwoman. I do not see additional costumes available for Batman on the Steam-store or anywhere else so I assume they are included when I buy the game and then beat it. Or am I wrong?

So all in all, either I, and the other people who have this problem, are doing something incredibly wrong, or this option is glitched.
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thunderloins answered:

OK, so I figured this stuff out. There aren't actually any costumes included in the PC version of Arkham City if you buy it over steam. They don't sell the Skins pack for batman on Steam either so I had to in a very roundabout way buy it from games for windows. Now that I bought it and installed it I get the option to change skins when choosing continue game.

I think the incredibly poor wording when you finish the game that costumes are unlocked is confusing a lot of people. Costumes are unlocked, if you have any. You don't get any for free with a vanilla version of the game.
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