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Where do you go to meet the black mask?

I'm trying to get everything, but I can't seen to find the black mask. Can anyone tell me where (in great detail) where he is?

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CDFinnigan answered:

You don't. You see Black Mask briefly in the beginning fending of Tyger guards with a chair when Bruce is being processed into AC, but that's it.
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thewinn23 answered:

I believe you will find him the second time you go to Joker, which is when he has closed the furnis which is the big thing that looks like a chimney that you went through the first time so you have to go through a different way. So, you have to go through a door in the back behind the steel mill. There are guards all around there, so you must take them out first. The last two or three guards you take out should be the ones on the ground guarding the door. once you enter the door and go through some of the way to get to Joker, you should come past some guards that tied up a guy on a rope and are letting him hang. Kill the guards and then rescue him. Thats when you should meet him, although he does fight you afterward.
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kmanrockz answered:

If you're referring to the "Black Mask" riddle...then u need to go behind the steel mill and there's a poster of him on the back of a fence where the ocean and the prision wall meet...
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