Question from AaronGeorge92

How do I solve Riddler Pressure Pads?

How do you solve the ones where you stand on the pad and an iron grate appears over the question marks that you need to destroy in order to get the riddler trophy?

gfred4 asked for clarification:

I could help you, If you could be more descriptive of exactly where this is.

AaronGeorge92 provided additional details:

There is one located North of the olympus building, sea level. By Posion Ivy's lair.

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hellfireboy answered:

Use the freeze grenade to make a platform that you can stand on in front of the question marks. Apply explosive gel to each of them. Boost back up to the pressure plate to activate them and then set off the gel.
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waschbaerjohann answered:

If the pad triggers the gate that seperates you from the question marks, spray some Explosive Gel on the question marks.
If the gate opens up when you step on the pad, throw (remote) Batarangs.
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