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Asked: 3 years ago

How do you aerial attack off a stunned enemy into another?

Combat challenge

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Use your stun cape (Circle) on a henchmen, while he is stunned, double tap X while pointing the stick towards him. While Batman climbs up the stunned henchmen, point the stick towards another menchmen and press Square. There is wrong timing and bad timing involved, but not very strict, just make sure to perform it before Batman initiates the sole areal attack from the double X input.

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I'm also stuck on this same challenge, but I think I may have an answer: when you stun an enemy, make sure that there is at least one more close enough that he gets stunned as well. Then perform the aerial attack on either one and finish on the other. I've tried this and got one counted. Also it might help to ultra stun one enemy then stun another, do the aerial attack off the 2nd then the 1st...

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Stun attack him and then leap off that one into a second guy.

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