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Riddler buttons?

Circle riddle buttons that light up when you stand on them? What do they do and/or what are they for?


R351D3NT3V1L4 answered:

They unlock the small cages that prevent you from getting the riddler trophy. Stand on them and look to see if anything around you has changed then try to solve it.
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Luigi_Fire answered:

The "riddle buttons" are pressure plates. You stand on them to activate them. If there's only one around, it usually activates some contraption. Take notice on what happens and you should figure out what to do. There's a few that are on the ground close to a wall with arrows in a vertical line with a ? above the arrows. For those, you gotta dive-bomb from a decent height and hit as close to the dead center as you can to make the ? light up and then break the ?. Then there are groups of 3 pressure plates where you have to touch all 3 plates in a row without touching the ground or anything. And then there are random configurations of them so have fun with those.
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brawlfanboy9 answered:

Use a riddler faq please, they are more comprehensi
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