Question from jww2121

How do i solve (DeadShot) victim number 2?

Where is the second deadshot victim?

jww2121 provided additional details:

It gives me the location on the map, but still cant find it?

Squall995 asked for clarification:

that kinda doesnt help resolve this :S the event doesnt trigger. how do you trigger for oracle to call so that i can find the 2nd victim?


dwarflord1984 answered:

He is on the bridge behind a car.
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DKfan5 answered:

He will be on that broken bridge by the car. Go into detective mode and scan the back wall for a bullet hole. Follow the line to the roof of the building with the billboard on it, and scan the sniper holster in the corner of the building.
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Shogun_si answered:

Squall---- you have to start the mission involving the joker before it will start the dead shot mission.
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brawlfanboy9 answered:

Finish up with Joker first
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CowMutt answered:

I went to the bridge but he wasn't there, I've done the bit where you scan the guys body then go to that caged bit in jokers funland, but I don't know here to go from there...

I know it's been ages for someone to ask a question about this game but I only just started playing it again
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