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How do I interrogate a tiger brain?

How do you interrogate a tiger brain?

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There are TYGER security hubs in every district. Use your cryptographer to hack into them when you find them. You can only get the TYGER master code close to the end.

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You have to play the Catwoman Mission 4, and SHE will interrogate the Tyger Security Computer that protects the vault. When you play as Batman.... SPOILER ALERT....

You will go on a mission to find the Master Code "when the skies are not safe!"

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Batman grappels onto a copter, and you have to use the detective maode.

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There is Tyger Security console in each outdoor section of Arkham City. Find them and use the Cryptographic sequencer to hack them. It will reveal the location of each Tyger Security Camera in the section of the city.

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Use the cryptographer

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