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Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
399/400 Riddler Trophies? 1
50x Combo? 3
About Mad Hatter side quest? 1
Avanced augmented reality training 2? 2
Calander Man? 1
Can I find the mysterious figure after story mode finish? 4
Can't find this last riddler trophy? 1
Cant get to the riddler trophy...? (Museum, North hallway Trophy room 1
Catching thrown objects? 3
Challenges: help? (or map?) 3
Combat Challenges? 2
Deadshot quest question? (Shot in the Dark sidequest) 2
Do you have to finish all the side missions TWICE? 1
Double glide boost attack? 1
Explosive Gel? 1
Help with Museum Riddler Trophy? 1
Help with Riddler Side-Quest? 1
Help with two riddles? 1
How do I disable the freeze gun and save the cops? 5
How do I find Deadshot? 2
How do I get back into the GCPD after finding Nora Fries? 1
How do i get back into the Iceburg Lounge? 1
How do I get the reverse batarang combat riddler challenge? 2
How do I get this trophy in Amusement Mile? 2
How do I get to riddler trophy? 2
How do I perform a grapnal boost takedown? 1
How do I solve "Look Out! Can You See Where the Madness began?" 1
How do I solve "once assembled, do these two become one again"? 1
How do I solve (Glide boost attack)? 1
How do I solve hear the gunshot for the second deadshot victim? 1
How do I solve I have a head, a tail, but never any legs.Do you know what I am? 1
How do I solve one of the Riddler's riddle's? 1
How do I solve Riddler Pressure Pads? 2
How do I solve Riddler's Electric Room? 1
How do I solve the Riddle? 1
How do I solve the Riddler Side Mission? 1
How do I solve this Riddle in Amusement Mile? 1
How do I solve trophie puzzles with question marks on the wall? 1
How do I solve/ find mister freeze!!!?! 3
How do you find Riddlers last hostage? 2
How do you get past the Tyger guns? 1
How do you get side quests? 2
How do you get the frozen riddler trophies? 1
How much momentum do i need for this Riddler Trophy? 2
How to solve most Riddler's rotating plates trophies ? 1
Identity Theif: where do you find the other bodies, etc? 4
Last riddle in museum? 2
Last trophy? 1
Last two physical challenges? 2
Last two trophies? 1
Mystery Hero: Where do you find and meet with the "Mystery Hero"? **Spoiler Alert** 3
Riddler pad/Question Mark sign combo problem? 1
Riddler question? 4
Riddler Trophy help? 1
Riddler trophy? PLEASE HELP 1
Second Riddler Hostage?? 1
The most difficult Riddler trophy to be found...? 1
The Riddlers code? 1
Three '?' plates in the square cage on the water. 2
Titan? 1
Two Trophies in the Museum? 1
Watcher in the Wings map help? 1
Watcher in the Wings? 2
Where can i find Poison Ivy character trophy? 2
Where is Nora Fries? 1
Where is this riddle solution? 1
Wheres Dr. youngs office? 2

Other Help Answers
3D feature? 3
?Question about the batman dlc outfits 1
Are there multiple difficulty settings? 2
Are you able to explore? 1
Batman DLC for PS3? 1
Batman Skins, do they actually do anything or what? 1
Batman: Arkham City Pass Card? 4
Can I play the game without doing the Catwoman parts? 1
Can you change Catwoman's costume in free roam mode? 2
Can you still find killer croc after you kill clay face? 1
Control scheme for gadgets? 1
Did you find Harley Queen after completing the story?(SPOILER ALERT) 1
Driving? 2
Easter eggs? mayby 1 spoiler. 2
Free roam? 1
Frequency tuner has a wierd frequency??? 2
How do I escape the Sionis Industries steel mill in new game plus? 1
How do I get the Storyteller trophy? 1
How do I know which Riddle I'm looking for on my map? 2
How do i unlock costumes for batman in riddler challenge maps? 1
How do you change to Catwoman? 4
How do you glide continuous with grapple gun? 1
How many hours to 100%? 1
I'm missing a few Bio's? 1
If i start new game+ will i lose all my progress i have already made? 2
Is arkham world going to be the next game? 2
Is it, indeed, POSSIBLE to "encounter/fight" Killer Croc in the Arkham City game? 1
Is Ra's al Ghul In This Game? 1
Is there new gadgets to unlock on new game+? 2
Must finish side quests before main story? 3
New game plus question? 1
Saved data legacy? 1
Should I get Arkham Asylum? 1
Talia's Bio? 1
What do map packs cost? 1
When does the catwoman and batman shift occurs? 1
When will the jokers carnival and iceberg lounge vip room challenge maps be available? 1
Where do you go to meet the black mask? 3
Where is mr freeze's wife? 1
Where to redeem gotham knight code on ps3? 2

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