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Open Questions

Enemy/Boss Help status answers
How do I beat Mr. Freeze? Open 5
Other Help status answers
(create your own question) How do I find my way back to the subway? Open 2
All Mission are Unlock in this version? Open 1
Batman upgrade? Open 3
Batman: Arkham City (Game of the Year Edition)? Open 3
Can you restart new game plus mode after you beat it on the same saved game? Open 3
Costumes? Open 3
Demo? Open 4
DLC skins available after beating it on easy? Open 8
Dock area random cryptographic sequencer option? Open 3
Does the game have theare mode? Open 4
Game of the year edition ? Open 3
Getting the elevator to move? Open 3
Help Me? Open 2
Hidden Massage? *spoiler* Open 5
Homicide victims? Open 5
How can I see the riddle hints? Open 2
How do I get back into the steel mill after defeating the Joker? Open 2
How do I get the flawless freeflow? Open 2
How do i get these Challenge Maps & these Skins? (UK) Open 3
How do I help the Riddlers third victim? Open 2
How do i locate the watcher? Open 3
How do I play as Robin? Open 3
How do I select costumes in story? Open 3
How to get back in the police station to find mr freeze? Open 3
Invincibel? Open 5
Just a couple questions about the game? Open 4
Locked door in Processing center? Open 6
New game +? Open 5
Next game questions? Open 3
Nightwing and robin worth it?? Open 5
Question about DLC.? Open 2
Red grenade symbol appearing on the left side of the UI... what does it mean? Open 5
Robin & Nightwing bundle or the separate of the two? Open 2
Unlocking all challenge maps...:/? Open 3
What is the tallest building in Arkham City? Open 1
When is harley quinn's revenge going to be released in asia for the playstation 3? Open 1
Where are the heartbeat monitor enemies? Open 2
Will riddler trophies be carried over from Easy to Normal Game? Open 2
Will Robin be able to free roam? Open 5
will Robin be playable on the UK version ? Open 4

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