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Asked: 4 years ago

What can cause a characters' level to drop?

I noticed in a single play session a character in my party had gone from lv29 to 24. I'm not positive but I think the other stats may not have been effected.

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From: arcnet 3 years ago

There is a sequel to this game which has been available for a while now on the Japan PSN. I probably would have purchased it except reasonable PSN yen cards have dried up and I haven't been able to login since the Sony security breach fiasco.

BTW: While playing this game fairly extensively... it get's really ridiculous as far as I can tell in the ends of the DLC dungeon. I couldn't quite figure out the stats. I'm thinking that the stats are multiplied by the character's level in order to produce the final numbers damage/etc wise. But I'm not sure. I don't know if Wizardry has a standard formula or not. I've always liked classic Wizardry games but never played them so much. This was the first one that sucked me in.

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How have you played the game already? Are you in some kind of beta?

Sorry that I don't have an answer for your question.

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In response to Tommy:
He could have a Japanese import. They've had it since '09

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There is some monsters with spells or skills that let your charactor lose lvl its called lvl drain or something you will lose some max hp i dont know if you will lose states or spells

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Level Drain takes levels but effects nothing else that I've noticed. Your stats and HPs seem to remain unchanged (though I've only encountered this spell a couple times).

Most higher level undead and demon's can cast this spell, though they rarely do.

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