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Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls
FAQ/Walkthrough Version 1.1
by Seth0708


[TAB] Table of Contents
[INT] Section 1.0 - Introduction
[BSC] Section 2.0 - Basics
	[STA] Section 2.1 - Stat Concepts
	[CLS] Section 2.2 - Class Concepts
	[SPL] Section 2.3 - Spell Guide
	[PTY] Section 2.4 - Party Builds
	[DLC] Section 2.5 - DLC Guide
[WLK] Section 3.0 - Walkthrough
	[TWN] Section 3.1 - City of Aitox
	[DOT] Section 3.2 - Dungeon of Trials
	[SHN] Section 3.3 - Shinn's Dungeon
	[DPR] Section 3.4 - Deeper Levels
	[QST] Section 3.5 - Quest List
[TPY] Section 4.0 - Trophy List
[BEA] Section 5.0 - Bestiary
[CPY] Section 6.0 - Copyrights

         \   [INT] Section 1.0 - Introduction

Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls was developed by Acquire and published
in Japan on 9 December 2009 on Playstation Network. Acquire published it
as the first title of what they call the "Wizardry Renaissance." This is
intended to be a revial of the series. Xseed localized the title for
Western audiences and released it on 2 June 2011. It was ported to the
iOS on 3 November 2011.

This is the first official Wizardry release in the West since Wizardry:
Tales of the Forsaken Land in 19 December 2001. In that intervening time
thirteen other titles were released in Japan, although none of them have
been localized for Western release.

Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls is a first-person dungeon crawler in
the same vein as the original American titles of the series. The title
is very old-school in its approach. If you are not familiar with previous
entries in the series, I highly recommend reading the Basics section
below to give you an idea of how to get started.

         \   [BSC] Section 2.0 - Basics

This section outlines some of the basics of Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls.
The first section outlines the six types of basic stats and what they do. The
second section outlines the eight classes, their requirements, and their
abilities. The third section outlines some basic party builds you might find
helpful. Some basics not really covered by these areas are covered here.

When you first select a character from the title screen you will notice that
you receive a random number between five and forty-seven of skill points to
assign to the base stats for your race and gender. You can cancel back and
then reload the character to re-roll this number. I highly recommend you do
so until you get at least twenty points to start with. If you're particularly
patient you can hold out for over thirty, but nine times out of ten it will
come up under ten. You cannot really build a decent party with everyone at
this level, so re-roll until you at least get twenty.

I recommend creating a character in every character slot from the title at
the beginning of the game. That is, from the title screen create a character
of each race and gender. Make your party from among these characters if you
can as it will mean you are leveling six "main" characters at a time. Once
you complete the game with your current main, drop off everyone at the
guild house and, from the title screen, select one of your other party
members as your new main. This will allow you to shoot through the quests
again as the new character with ease.

Alignment affects what class a character can start as or change to, although
once you are a specific class you cannot lose it by changing alignment. A
character's alignment can change based upon what you do when you encounter
enemies who are simply "staring" at you when combat begins. It gives you the
option to fight, run away, or do nothing. Fighting will move your party
members more towards the evil side of alignment, while doing nothing will
move them towards the good side of alignment. You can use this to change a
character's alignment if you wish.

Normally you cannot have characters who are good in the same party as those
who are evil. There is a way to circumvent this, however, by taking a party
composed of those characters of one alignment you want in your main party
into the dungeon, saving, and then exiting. Next load your main party and
leave a number of slots open equal to the number of characters you left in
the dungeon. Go to the spot where you left said characters and use the
search function to bring them into the party. Do note however if your party
gets wiped out, you will have to redo this entire process again once they
are restored and returned to the guild house.

You can change a character's class any time you want, but it will reset the
character back to level one. You will keep your current amount of hit
points and the first two spells of each magic level (if applicable) from
your previous class to help things. If you re-roll until you get the stats
you need to make an appropriate party from the start, you probably won't
have much need to change class.

Each time you level up you can go up or down in each stat. The maximum you
can raise to is an additional ten points above the base stat level. While it
is frustrating to go down in stats after a level up, once you hit around
level fifteen the core stat boosts become trivial when compared to the
increases from your gear. After level fifteen, there should be no reason to
even worry about if your stats go down.

If a character is killed in the dungeon there are two ways to ressurect
them. The first is to use Temple in the town. Here you will pay a sum
that correlates to their level. There is a small chance this will fail and
cause them to turn to ash. You can try again at this point, but again the
second attempt can end the same way. Because of this, be sure to save
before attempting to ressurect in this manner.

The second method for ressurecting a dead character is with the high level
priest spell. This too is subject to random failure as above. In a battle
you cannot save, but if you are trying to ressurect them outside of combat
you probably should save beforehand. By the same token, if you have saved
recently you might just reload that save file if the ressurection fails.

Sir_Elan writes:
 As a general tip, too, I would like to recommend putting any spare reagents,
 grim circlets and cursed weapons in the inn's warehouse for future main's
 quests, rather than selling them. While Ironhand doesn't care where these
 items come from (yes, though he specifically asks for you to retrieve them
 from the dungeon, you can actually just BUY the items from him and complete
 the quest without ever actually having to set foot outside his shop) it can
 save you money earlier on, though later on, money should not be too much of
 a problem.

	* [STA] Section 2.1 - Stat Concepts *
Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls has six basic stats. These stats all affect
different aspects of your party members, as explained below. They also are the
primary factor in determining what class a character can be, as explained in
the Class Concepts section further down.

AGI - Agility. Increases your chance to disarm attacks, flee, and dodge enemy
      attacks. It also increases a character's ability to disarm traps without
      them going off.

INT  Intelligence increases the effectiveness and success rate for all mage

LUC  Luck increases your resistance to status effects and the chance for rare
      items to drop from enemies. It also increases a character's ability to
      disarm traps without them going off.

PIE  Piety increases the effectiveness and success rate for all priest spells.

STR  Strength increases physical damage done and the hit rate for all physical

VIT  Vitality increases the amount of hit points a character receives when
      they level up.

	* [CLS] Section 2.2 - Class Concepts *
 Requirements: 12 PIE, Good or Evil Alignment
 Special Ability: Appraisal, Magic Wall

Bishop is a mix of the priest, mage, and fighter. Bishops can employ many
melee weapons as well as learn the first two priest spells of each spell
level. Bishops can also identify items you pick up in the dungeon, which
is essential since you cannot use them unless they have been identified.
They also gain access to the ability Magic Wall that prevents damage to the
party when used.

 Requirements: 12 STR
 Special Ability: Trick Attack

Fighter is the basic melee class. If you do not re-roll your stats this and
mage will probably be the only classes you will be able to start out with. Just
because the requirements for rolling a fighter are low does not mean they are
useless, however, as they are an ideal front row class for absorbing hits from

 Requirements: 14 AGI, 12 INT, 15 LUC, 12 PIE, 15 STR, 15 VIT, Good Alignment
 Special Ability: Huge Shield

Lord is another hybrid class, functioning again as a priest and fighter.
They have higher defense and melee abilities than a bishop, meaning they
can more easily be put in the front row. Their special allows them to take
hits from enemies in place of other party members.

 Requirements: 12 INT
 Special Ability: Focus

Mage is the basic caster class. They primarily focus on elemental magic
attacks, but they also have a handful of buffs they can give out. While a
samurai and a lord can learn mage spells, they will only learn the top two
in each spell level. Only a mage can learn the bottom two in each spell
level. Their special ability allows them to charge a spell for one turn to
increase its effectiveness.

 Requirements: 15 AGI, 15 INT, 15 LUC, 15 PIE, 15 STR, 15 VIT, Evil Alignment
 Special Ability: Hide/Backstab

Ninja is an enhanced version of the thief. Ninjas can do everything a thief
can and have no drawbacks that a thief does not also share. As long as you
have the stats and alignment to become a Ninja, it is a better choice in
most every way than the thief. There are reports that the ninja is not as
good at disarming traps as a thief, however, so be aware of that.

 Requirements: 13 INT, 13 PIE, Good or Evil Alignment
 Special Ability: Exorcise

Priests are the second caster class. They primarily focus on healing and
buffs, but they do have a few holy-based offensive spells. They also have
the ability to identify traps, the success of which is determined by their

 Requirements: 09 AGI, 11 INT, 09 LUC, 10 PIE, 15 STR, 14 VIT, Good or Neutral
 Special Ability: Sougeki-Hamon no Jin

Samurai are a melee class. While they do not have the same high defense as
fighters and lords, they do have more than enough to stay in the front row.
Their special is an attack that does multiple strikes to multiple random

 Requirements: 10 AGI, 12 LUC, Evil or Neutral Alignment
 Special Ability: Hide/Backstab

Thief is a melee class that specializes in sneak attacks. Thiefs can attack
from the front or back row by using the hide command and then the backstab
command on succeeding turns, so long as they are not discovered by the enemy.
They can also use the steal command to damage an enemy and steal gold from
them. Lastly they can pick certain locks and disarm traps.

	* [SPL] Section 2.3 - Spell Guide *
Below you will find the spells for both priests and mages divided by level.
Hybrid classes will only initially have access to the first two spells in
each level when they acquire that rank. Also note that many of these spells
have a significant chance of missing, so beware when relying on spells that
sound too good to be true.

Mage Spells (Level 1)
 Flame Arrow - Fire offense spell.
 Sleep Field - Sleeps a group of enemies.
 Heightened Reflexes - Increases agility temporarily.
 Steel Skin - Increases defense temporarily.

Mage Spells (Level 2)
 Graupel Hail - Ice offense spell.
 Flame Field - Fire offense group spell.
 Arcane Map - Reveals areas of the map nearby.
 Levitation - Prevents the party from falling in pits or traps.

Mage Spells (Level 3)
 Thunder Arrow - Earth offense spell.
 Darkness Field - Blindes a group of enemies.
 Ice Burst - Ice offense spell.
 Stunning Blow - Kills an enemy.

Mage Spells (Level 4)
 Dark Cloud - Darkness offense group spell.
 Dungeon Quake - Earth offense group spell.
 Ice Field - Ice offense group spell.
 Slow Movement - Slows a group of enemies.

Mage Spells (Level 5)
 Golem's Rage - Earth offense spell.
 Cold Snap - Ice offense spell.
 Hard Guard - Increases defense temporarily.
 Emergency Exit - Escapes from a battle in progress or exits a dungeon.

Mage Spells (Level 6)
 Iceberg Rain - Ice offense group spell.
 Volcanic Field - Fire offense group spell.
 Thunder Burst - Earth offense group spell.
 Cloud of Death - Kills a group of enemies.

Mage Spells (Level 7)
 Lightning Arrow - Earth offense spell.
 Despair Field - Afflicts a group of enemies with various status ailments.
 Free Warp - Teleports the party to a chosen location on the floor.
 Stun Wave - Stuns a group of enemies.

Mage Spells (Level 8)
 Gas of Despair - Kills a group of enemies.
 Thunder Field - Earth offense group spell.
 NAL Burst - Damages all enemies.
 Wish - Creates a random effect, but must be charged with Focus.

Priest Spells (Level 1)
 Healing Touch - Heals a party member for a small amount.
 Torch Light - Brightens the dungeon temporarily.
 Awaken - Cures sleep.
 Keen Reflex - Increases agility temporarily.

Priest Spells (Level 2)
 Light Arrow - Light offense spell.
 Silence Field - Silences a group of enemies.
 Divine Trap - Reveals what type of trap is on a chest.
 Cure Poison - Cures poison.

Priest Spells (Level 3)
 Battle Aura - Increases all offensive stats temporarily.
 Ball of Light - Brightens the dungeon temporarily.
 Cure Paralysis - Cures paralysis.
 Healing Aura - Heals the party for a small amount.

Priest Spells (Level 4)
 White Heat - Light offense group spell.
 Shining Impact - Light offense spell.
 Advanced Reflex - Increases agility temporarily.
 Drain Life - Drains life of an enemy and heals caster.

Priest Spells (Level 5)
 Power Heal - Fully heals a party member.
 Cure Stone - Cures stone.
 Touch of Life - Ressurects a party member.
 Touch of Death - Kills an enemy.

Priest Spells (Level 6)
 Healing Wind - Heals the entire party for a good amount.
 Shining Heat - Light offense group spell.
 Escape - Escapes a battle or returns you to the floor's stairwell.
 Break Curse - Cures curse.

Priest Spells (Level 7)
 Divine Healing - Fully heals the entire party.
 Plague Cloud - Kills a group of enemies.
 Steal Life - Drains life of an enemy and heals caster.
 Mirror Shield - Reflects enemy spells back on them.

Priest Spells (Level 8)
 Healing Light - Fully heals the entire party.
 Purifying Aura - Cures all status ailments.
 Restore Body - Ressurects a party member and fully heals them.
 Smite - Kills an enemy.

	* [PTY] Section 2.4 - Party Builds *
Party build is essential to succeeding in the dungeons. In general you are
going to want to build a party around melee in the front row and support in
the back row. Good front row only choices are fighters, lords, and samurai.
Your back row choices shold focus on support, so you can go with mages and
priests. This leaves a few classes that can go in either row, specifically
bishops, thieves, and ninjas. Do not if you use any of these three in the
back row they either need a ranged weapon or, in the case of the latter two,
must use the "hide" command before they can attack.

A standard party build would be to include any combination of two fighters,
samurais, or lords in the front row, along with a bishop. This gives you the
defensive and offensive melee capabilities you need and will allow you to
use the bishop's ability to identify items. Your back row would then be
comprised of a mage, a priest, and either a ninja or a thief, with ninja
being prefered. This will give you access to both sets of spells right of
the bat and allow you to pick locks, disable traps, and steal from your

Non-standard builds tend to be built around player-driven challenges. These
include the all fighter group, which can be very frustrating and I do not
recommend it to new players, and an all-caster group. An easier variation of
the former would be a party with three fighters in the front and three rogues
or ninjas in the back. If you want a caster heavy party, I recommend using
either bishops or lords in the front row and then having your two types of
pure casters in the back row.

Level Boss writes:
 A thief, for example, is far superior at disarming traps than a ninja, and
 when neither a ninja or a thief are getting an attack before every opponent
 is dead, disarming traps is king. And when a ninja fails a disarm and you
 get party wiped because you are warped into a wall, then thieves might look
 a little better. Also Bishops are more of a priest/mage hybrid (with a dash
 of fighter). They get access to all spells from both classes, not just the
 top two. Bishops also get the great ability, Magic Wall at level 16 that
 stacks, blocking a certain amount of attacks or a certain amount of damage.
 Furthermore, when you change classes you keep every spell, your ability to
 cast spells is halved. Thus, it's actually beneficial for every character
 to change classes. Starting with Fighter for the HP -> Bishop to level
 25-ish (for every spell) -> whichever class you want to play as. Having
 every character being able to toss out a Healing Wind or a Free Warp is
 relatively helpful.

	* [DLC] Section 2.5 - DLC Guide *
Dungeon of Trials
 This unlocks floors six through ten of the Dungeon of Trials. These floors are
 intended to be completed concurently with the same floor number from Shinn's

Level Cap
 This allows your characters to increase their levels over fifty. The new level
 cap becomes level ninety-nine with this pack.

Red Shadow of the Sister
 This unlocks the Deeper Levels dungeon of six floors. These floors are intended
 for characters who have completed all of Shinn's Dungeon, ranging in level from
 thirty to the level cap.

         \   [WLK] Section 3.0 - Walkthrough

For specific quest guidelines see the Quest List below. For the locations of
various non-player characters in the city, see the section immediately below.

	* [TWN] Section 3.1 - City of Aitox *
This is where your adventure begins. The city is presented to you with a menu
along the right side of the screen. The locations available are the inn, item
shop, temple, guild, palace, and dungeon entrance.

The inn allows you to rest. The free room will refill your mana, while the paid
rooms will refill half and full health, respective to cost. You can simply use
the free room, heal with magic, and then use the free room again to save money.
Maria is at the counter, so any quest where you need to talk to her be sure to
come here.

The item shop has an assortment of items for sale, including dungeon maps which
are critical to progressing through the dungeons without getting lost. Ironhand
runs the shop, so come here any time you need to speak to him.

The temple serves two functions. Firstly it allows you to pay to ressurect your
killed party members, or at least try to as it sometimes fails. It also allows
you to tithe, raising your experience. You get one experience point per one
gold you tithe. Sister Samantha is at the altar, so if you need to see her come

The guild is where you will find all your created characters (who are not
currently in a dungeon), quest posts, and a trading board. Changing your party
here will allow you to switch in and out party members. The quest board will
direct you to newly available quests. The trading board provides an alternate
means for getting items by allowing you to trade for items that Ironhand may
not offer. Guildmaster Buzz and Fiore can also be found here any time you need
to talk to them.

The palace is the seat of King Diemont VI. It is also where you can find Klaus
whenever you need to speak to him.

The dungeon entrance gives you access to the game's three dungeons described

	* [DOT] Section 3.2 - Dungeon of Trials *
The Dungeon of Trials begins as the introductory dungeon, but with the addition
of the Dungeon of Trials DLC becomes a full-fledged dungeon-crawling experience.
Without the DLC unlock you only have access to the first five floors, while the
unlock will open the next five floors as well.

	* [SHN] Section 3.3 - Shinn's Dungeon *
Shinn's Dungeon offers the main "story" quest for Labyrinth of Lost Souls. It
has ten floors, all of which are unlocked with the base game. The layout for
the dungeon is linear with each succeeding floor being more difficult than the
previous floor.

	* [DPR] Section 3.4 - Deeper Levels *
The Deeper Levels is a six floor dungeon added when you purchase the Convent of
the Red Sister DLC. The first two floors of this dungeon can be done by a party
of characters between level thirty and fifty, but for the floors after that you
really need to the have the Level Cap DLC that raises the level cap to level

	* [QST] Section 3.5 - Quest List *
Quest 01 - Defeat the Monsters
 Quest Giver: Guildmaster Buzz
 Prerequisite: none

This quest requires you to kill Kobolds. They can be found as random encounters
anywhere on the first floor of the Dungeon of Trials, as well as the first
floor of Shinn's Dungeon. Return to Guildmaster Buzz when you have met the

Quest 02 - Stolen Medicine
 Quest Giver: Ironhand
 Prerequisite: Defeat the Monsters

The quest items in question can actually drop off just about anything on the
early floors of both the Dungeon of Trials and Shinn's Dungeon.

Quest 03 - Researching the Undead
 Quest Giver: Ironhand
 Prerequisite: Defeat the Monsters

Undead Goblins and Undead Kobolds hold what you're looking for. They largely
are found on the second, third, and fourth floors of the Dungeon of Trials.
They can also be found on the first and second floor of Shinn's Dungeon, so
depending on what other quests you have done it might be just as easy to get
them while there.

Quest 04 - Dungeon Delivery
 Quest Giver: Maria
 Prerequisite: Stolen Medicine

The Chamberlain can be found on the second floor of Shinn's Dungeon at
coordinates X16, Y15. Talking to him there will meet the requirements, but you
must return to the inn and talk to Maria to complete the quest.

Quest 05 - Researcher of Heathen Gods
 Quest Giver: Guildmaster Buzz
 Prerequisite: Stolen Medicine

The item you're looking for is on the sixth floor of Shinn's Dungeon at
coordinates X00, Y08. Once you have it, however, skulls will appear randomly
in your path in the dungeon. Touching one will initiate a random encounter.
This continues until you turn the quest in. Use this to farm experience or
kills if you wish, but it is best to keep a spell ready to teleport you back
out if it gets too hectic.

Quest 06 - Lost and Found
 Quest Giver: Sister Samantha
 Prerequisite: Dungeon Delivery and Researcher of Heathen Gods

The book is being held by a party of Succubi and Ninjas on the third floor of
Shinn's Dungeon at coordinates X04, Y19. Be prepared to fight these two types
of foes before stepping on that tile. Once they are defeated, return to Sister

Quest 07 - "Hero Quest"
 Quest Giver: varies
 Prerequisite: Dungeon Delivery

This is a "hidden" quest in the sense that it does not pop up in your quest
log. Once you have completed Dungeon Delivery ask around the town until you
have a conversation between your hero and one of the named characters.
Depending on your race and sex, you will get a different request to find
something in Shinn's Dungeon. Once you find out what you're looking for, go
to the applicable coordinates: Dwarf Female (Floor 6, X08, Y10), Dwarf Male
(Floor 6, X12, Y18), Elf Female (Floor 6, X11, Y12), Elf Male (Floor 5, X06,
Y16), Gnome Female (Floor 4, X01, Y10), Gnome Male (Floor 4, X03, Y16),
Human Female (Floor 5, X01, Y06), Human Male (Floor 5, X16, Y12), Pokklu
Female (Floor 3, X19, Y16), and Pokklu Male (Floor 4, X10, Y12). Depending
on the quest, you may need to return to the quest giver with said item to
complete it.

Quest 08 - Reagent Gathering
 Quest Giver: Ironhand
 Prerequisite: Stolen Medicine and Researching the Undead

The items you are looking for will drop off any Evil Eyes, Mages, Skeletons, or
Zombies. This gives you a huge swath of areas to find them, but also means it
is going to take a while. Just keep the quest and push forward with the others
until you finally have enough.

Quest 09 - Stranded in the Dungeon
 Quest Giver: Klaus
 Prerequisite: Researcher of the Heathen Gods and "Hero Quest"

In addition to the two quests listed above, you also must have met Lady Shinn
on the first floor of Shinn's Dungeon at coordinates X03, Y09. Once you have
done so and picked up the quest, return to Shinn's Dungeon and journey to the
fourth floor and go to coordinates X07, Y09. You will be attacked by some
undead, so be ready. Once you have the insignia, return to the surface and
turn in the quest.

Quest 10 - Rescue King Diemont V
 Quest Giver: King Diemont VI
 Prerequisite: Stranded in the Dungeon

This is the main story quest. You have to go to a number of locations in Shinn's
Dungeon in sequence to complete it. Begin by going to Floor 3, X15, Y01 to speak
to Lady Shinn. Depending on what you say to Lady Shinn here and on the sixth
floor will determine who you fight at the bottom of the dungeon. If you want to
fight Tempestus Rex, give comforting responses to Lady Shinn. If you want to
fight Luxuria Anguish, tell Lady Shinn to return King Diemont V both times.
After speaking with her, go to Floor 4, X05, Y07 to speak to Alwahi. Next go to
Floor 6, X17, Y11 and repeat your choice from above. Move to Floor 7, X07, Y09
to fight a Hydra. Once you defeat it, move to X18, Y16 on the same floor. Here
you will meet Gregor who will tell you to leave the dungeon because everything
is fine. If you choose to believe him, the game will end. Otherwise, you will
fight him. Once he is defeated, move to Floor 8, X18, Y04 to meet Alwahi again.
After he vanishes, make your way all the way down to Floor 10, X10, Y14 to
fight whichever boss you chose above. Once the boss is defeated, the game will
end but wait through the credits in order to save the game and your progress.

Quest 11 - The Cursed Weapon
 Quest Giver: Ironhand
 Prerequisite: Lost and Found

This quest is annoying. The cursed weapon you are looking for is a rare drop off
of Archinbolds and Demon Lords, both of which are on the ninth and tenth floors
of Shinn's Dungeon. Once they drop one, bring it back to the item shop to
complete the quest.

Quest 12 - Pori Pori Mushrooms
 Quest Giver: Guildmaster Buzz
 Prerequisite: Stolen Medicine and Dungeon of Trials DLC

This is the introductory quest for the Dungeon of Trials DLC that opens the
sixth through tenth floor of that dungeon. The Pori Pori Mushrooms are spread
all over the place. On the sixth floor that are at X05, Y11 and X15, Y18. On
the seventh floor they are at X01, Y02, as well as X03, Y16 and X15, Y18.

Quest 13 - Legendary Wine
 Quest Giver: King Diemont VI
 Prerequisite: Pori Pori Mushrooms

The three wine samples are actually in Shinn's Dungeon, but you need the
Dungeon of Trials DLC in order to unlock it. Go to the fourth floor at
coordinates X10, Y15 for the first sample. The second sample is on the seventh
floor at X16, Y05. The third sample is on the ninth floor at X03, Y15. Each
will be sampled by King Diemont VI when you return them to him.

Quest 14 - Adventurer's Proof
 Quest Giver: King Diemont VI
 Prerequisite: Legendary Wine

The quest asks you to touch the seal at the bottom on the Dungeon of Trails. It
is located on the tenth floor at coordinates X17, Y17. A Vampire awaits on that
spot as well to fight you. Each time you beat him and leave the dungeon, he will
respawn and gain ten levels until he reaches level ninety-nine. This makes a for
a good source of experience.

Quest 15 - Researching the Deep Levels
 Quest Giver: Ironhand
 Prerequisite: Deeper Levels DLC

You need to get the map for the upper levels of the Deeper Levels. This drops
off of Command Tigers and Goblin Bursts on the first floor. You also need to
fight Alwahi at X11, Y08 to trigger the quest for completion.

Quest 16 - Treasure Hunting in the Deep Levels
 Quest Giver: Fiore
 Prerequisite: Deeper Levels DLC

The item you are looking for is on the second floor of the Deeper Levels at
coordinates X18, Y05. Return with it to the Guild Hall.

Quest 17 - Suspicious Figures in the Dark
 Quest Giver: Fiore
 Prerequisite: Treasure Hunting in the Deep Levels

You need to confront the figures at two different locations of the Deeper
Levels. The first is on the third floor at X10, Y06. The second is on the
fourth floor at coordinates X04, Y06.

Quest 18 - The Architecture of the Deep Levels
 Quest Giver: Guildmaster Buzz
 Prerequisite: Suspicious Figures in the Dark

The drop you are looking for comes from Lamia Bursts which inhabit the fifth
floor of the Deeper Levels.

Quest 19 - Judgment of the Disturbers
 Quest Giver: Guildmaster Buzz
 Prerequisite: Suspicious Figures in the Dark

This quest is really annoying and should've been broken into more parts. It also
can be pretty glitchy, so if something is not where it should be you will need
to go and complete one of the repeatable quests to "reset" it and hopefully
make the trigger spawn where it should be on this quest; on the forums I have
seen it claimed that The Cursed Weapon will cause a "reset" properly every time.
I would not have been able to complete this quest line without the spreadsheet
that is floating around the internet for this title compiled by Arrawnt. Start
on the first floor of the Deeper Levels and go to the following coordinates in
order: X01, Y01; X18, Y01; X01, Y18; and X18, Y18. Move to the second floor and
visit the following coordinates in order: X01, Y01; X18, Y01; X01, Y18; and
X18, Y18. Now things get harder because of all the stupid warp points. On the
third floor make your way around to the following coordinates in order:
X01, Y10; X09, Y01; X18, Y10; and X09; Y18. Move to the fourth floor and go to
these coordinates in order: X01, Y18; X18, Y18; X18, Y01; and X02, Y01. On the
fifth floor visit the following coordinates in order:  X18, Y18; X01, Y01;
X01, Y18; and X18, Y01. On the final floor go to these coordinates in order:
X01, Y01; X18, Y01; X01, Y18; X18, Y18; and finally X14, Y17. Finally you can
finish this quest and get the final one.

Quest 20 - The Runaway Power of Darkness
 Quest Giver: Guildmaster Buzz
 Prerequisite: Judgment of the Disturbers

The final battle awaits you on the sixth floor of Deeper Levels at coordinates
X05, Y17.

         \   [TPY] Section 4.0 - Trophy List

100% Cleared (Platinum)
 "Successfully unlocked all trophies."
 Complete all other trophies to unlock the platinum trohpy.

A Little Help From My Friends (Bronze)
 "Has at least one character of every class type registered at the guild."
 Simply have at least eight characters, each with a different class,
 registered at the guild.

A King's Ransom (Gold)
 "Has carried at least 1,000,000 gold."
The Midas Touch (Silver)
 "Has carried at least 100,000 gold."
Affluent (Bronze)
 "Has carried at least 10,000 gold."
 This three are unlocked in sequence. This counts the total gold you have
 ever held; you do not need to refrain from spending gold to get these

Completed Asche's Scenario (Bronze)
 "Finished the game with Asche (Porklu Female) as the main character."
Completed Boris' Scenario (Bronze)
 "Finished the game with Boris (Porklu Male) as the main character."
Completed Chris' Scenario (Bronze)
 "Finished the game with Chris (Human Male) as the main character."
Completed Dia's Scenario (Bronze)
 "Finished the game with Dia (Gnome Female) as the main character."
Completed Erno's Scenario (Bronze)
 "Finished the game with Erno (Gnome Male) as the main character."
Completed Lind's Scenario (Bronze)
 "Finished the game with Lind (Elf Female) as the main character."
Completed Nia's Scenario (Bronze)
 "Finished the game with Nia (Dwarf Female) as the main character."
Completed Odetta's Scenario (Bronze)
 "Finished the game with Odetta (Human Female) as the main character."
Completed Pegma's Scenario (Bronze)
 "Finished the game with Pegma (Dwarf Male) as the main character."
Completed Verne's Scenario (Bronze)
 "Finished the game with Verne (Elf Male) as the main character."
Savior of the Empire (Silver)
 "Successfully finished all character scenarios."
 Complete "Rescue King Diemont V" with each character to unlock their
 respective trophies. Complete the quest with all of them to unlock Savior
 of the Empire.

Legendary (Silver)
 "Advanced at least one character to level 30."
Role Model (Silver)
 "Advanced at least one character to level 20."
 Reach the appropriate level with any character to unlock these trophies.

Master Cartographer (Gold)
 "Has mapped 100% of Shinn's Dungeon."
Professional Cartographer (Silver)
 "Has mapped at least 70% of Shinn's Dungeon."
Apprentice Cartographer (Bronze)
 "Has mapped at least 30% of Shinn's Dungeon."
Amateur Adventurer (Bronze)
 "Has mapped at least 30% of the Dungeon of Trials."
 Simply fill in your map to the required percentage for each trophy to
 unlock it. Please note that there are no trophies directly connected to
 the dungeon floors of the DLC packs.

Lost Soul (Silver)
 "Played the game for 200 hours."
Dungeon Dweller (Bronze)
 "Played the game for 100 hours."
Wanderer (Bronze)
 "Played the game for 30 hours."
 Have a total game time among on characters above the specified times to
 unlock these trophies.

Museum Curator (Silver)
 "Collected at least 100 different items."
Antique Dealer (Bronze)
 "Collected at least 70 different items."
Casual Collector (Bronze)
 "Collected at least 30 different items."
 Collect the specified number of different items to unlock these trophies.
 Items collected on DLC dungeon floors do count towards this total.

Tempestus Wreckage (Bronze)
 "Slayed the Tempestus Rex."
Luxurious Anguish (Bronze)
 "Slayed Luxuria Anguis."
Ala Cadaver (Bronze)
 "Slayed the Ala Cabra."
 These are the three unique bosses found in Shinn's Dungeon. Ala Cadaver is
 fought by telling Gregor you do not believe him on floor seven. Luxurious
 Anguish is fought by telling Lady Shinn to return King Diemont V on both
 floor three and floor six. To fight Tempestus Rex comfort Lady Shinn both

The Doombringer (Gold)
 "Killed 50,000 or more monsters."
Hardened Veteran (Silver)
 "Killed 15,000 or more monsters."
Rookie Adventurer (Bronze)
 "Killed 1,500 or more monsters."
 These will be among your last trophies. Kill any combination of enemies
 adding up to these totals to unlock these trophies.

The One Called 'Dragonslayer' (Gold)
 "Defeated 500 or more Draconic creatures."
Purifier (Silver)
 "Defeated 500 or more Demonic creatures."
Giver of Eternal Rest (Bronze)
 "Defeated 500 or more Undead creatures."
 Defeat five hundred of each type of enemy to unlock these trophies.

         \   [BEA] Section 5.0 - Bestiary

This is a listing of all the enemies in the game as they appear in the
in-game listing. This should help in determining which enemies you are
missing. Special Thanks to Alltra and Astral Blades for helping me
complete these listings.

Animal              Beast            Creature          Daemon
 Killer Wolf         Wererat          Evil Eye          Imp
 Scorpion            Werewolf         Gas Cloud         Gargoyle
 No-see-'em Swarm    Weretiger        Creeping Coin     Dark Rider
 Vorpal Bunny        Command Tiger    Clipping Claw     Arp
 Giant Crab                           Mimic             Incubus
 Giant Viper        Fairy             Iron Golem        Succubus
 Giant Mantis        Pixie            Basilisk          Lesser Daemon
 Roc                 Troll            Living Armor      Arch Daemon
 Lantern Scorpion    Pixy Phantom     Gold Golem        Greater Daemon
 Darkness Bunny      Horned Troll                       Baphomet
 Hide Viper                          Human              Daemon Lord
 Sorrow Mantis      Giant             Witch             Spit Eraser
 Fake Cerberus       Ogre             Fighter           Hayate Demon
                     Earth Giant      Priestess         Musashi Devil
Dragon               Air Giant        Priest            Vamp Burst
 Gas Dragon          Frost Giant      Mage              Luxuria Anguis
 Dragonfly           Cyclops          Rogue             Tempestus Rex
 Wyvern              Poison Giant     Assassin          Ala Cabra
 Dragonling          Cuclops          Samurai
 Hydra               Cosmo Giant      Berserker        Undead
 Fire Dragon                          Bishop            Undead Goblin
 Gold Dragon        Legend            Dark Crusader     Undead Kobold
 Black Dragon        Chimera          Ninja             Grave Mist
 Albino Dragon       Lamia            Hatamoto          Skeleton
                     Gorgon           Hayate            Zombie
Spirit               Gorgas           Musashi           Vampire Bat
 Ifrit               Lamia Burst                        Vampire
 Spirit                                                 Web Spinner
 Soul Eater                                             Shade
 Will-o-wisp                                            Banshee
 Jinn                                                   Mummy
 Fire Drake                                             Jam
 Lantern Spirit                                         Giant Zombie
                                                        Dragon Zombie
                                                        Life Stealer
                                                        Vampire Lady
                                                        Vampire Lord
                                                        His Unholiness
                                                        Skull Fly
                                                        Bronze Jam
                                                        Vamp Queen

         \   [CPY] Section 6.0 - Copyrights

Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls is (c) Acquire