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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I beat the Final Pain as normal Naruto?

I am waaaaaay frustrated in this fight im always mashing the L2 and R2 buttons, but he never uses the substitution. I just cannot beat Pain even with full HP. If anyone has a great explanation on how to kick this guy's tucus, oh and im at the part AFTER Naruto uses the multi-shadow clone jutsu and reverses Pain's Almighty Push as a Sage.

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OK, thanks for the answer so Ill do that and u cant change the story mode difficulty only free battle, just a correction.

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Uh, RoCk_MoRenA, you cannot use your ultimate jutsu in ANY boss fight, so I am going with screamingotter's response, but that will help too, just spamming rasengan if I can hit him after the Almighty Push.

Accepted Answer

From: screamingotter 4 years ago

First off if i were you i would switch the guard buttons from L2+R2 to L1+R1. I know it sounds weird and you are probably use to it since you are at the end of the game but since R2+L2 are triggers they are way harder to press rapidly when a combo is happening. I switched them and now i can get out of any combo within 2 hits at most as long as i have chakra. You dont need to press R2+L2 rapidly to call in support. At least give it a try. If that fails turn down the difficulty. But there are way harder fights to come after you beat the game and it will help.

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Oh sry i just saw the difficulty setting and thought it applied to the story too......i hope it helps

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Just wait until he make his shinra tense or whatever its called he will be guard off, make him your ultimate jutsu, just keep with the routine.

good luck!!!

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