Question from alec_ong

How do I beat Orochimaru Vs. 4 tailed Naruto?

I'm stuck at the last Triangle tapping where orochimaru says it's quite dangerous


SymphonicRain answered:

Well, you know how to do it so this isn't really a question. Either have someone help you who is faster at button mashing or buy a turbo controller.
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abbaddy answered:

well I am a gifted button masher,so here is what i did.
1)hold the controller vertically so that the buttons(square,X...etc)are DOWN(south if you may)
2)use your thumb(the triangle is on the right side so it'll be easy)

HOPE THIS HELPED. add me if you wanna spar r you think ur good(that goes t EVERYONE WHO SEES THIS MESSAGE) Q8-3aboodz-Q8 XD
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Kfrye answered:

I used a sharpie cap and i must've tried ova and ova b4 hand but the sharpie cap worked like magic just turn it sideways and push down
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charlezmaxime answered:

Just tap it I had some problems with that to and just calm down mashing
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