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Does anyone have a link or know how to get all the title, I've got like 70 but can't seem to get anymore.

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Is there anymore than just using all characters 30 times like any secret ones?

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Finally found a list of all the titles so thanks all for the input, I appreciate it :D

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From: m_kha 4 years ago

Here are the ones that I know of:
- Win a match with a health bar less than 5%.
- Win a match with an Ultimate Jutsu.
- Win a match with a Team Ultimate Jutsu. (Title: Bond)
- Do a 40-hits combo.
- Use a store 30 and 60 times. (You don't have to buy anything just open the store menu and close it)
- Win 1, 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 Online ranked matches.
- Lose 10 Online ranked matches.
and the one that I mentioned before (Use a character 30 times)

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You can get titles by using a character 30 times in Free-Battle mode, every character gives you a different title.

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You can also get titles from earning SP points though i don't know how many can be earned this way.

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Also you can get titles by spending ryo at shops, I got one for spending 100,000 ryo, and for finding the Jackpot item which is rare and worth 50,000 ryo (I found it in the street that has Ninja Tools shop in Konoha after i dropped an ad sign).

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Go to

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Add naruto-shippuden-ultimate-ninja-storm-2/

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Then 73610-naruto-shippuden-uns2-trophy-guide-roadmap.html

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Put all that as one link but of course dont put the add and then in

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