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Asked: 4 years ago

Unlock all characters....?

I got all the characters after getting like 610000 SP by getting Lars last and I'm wondering why I haven't got that trophy yet?

Additional details - 4 years ago

I've got the last 2 characters Minato and Lars, and still no trophy. Is there any hidden characters at all not unlocked by high SP.

Additional details - 3 years ago

Thanks all for the input, I have found the hokage naruto which was the last character haha, all inputs are appreciated :D

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From: LLSteve 4 years ago

ive found how to unlock naruto hokage

go to Mount Myoboku after completing the main story and enter the only house there with the toads

and pray/investigate the statue in the room

well thats how i got it dont no if its correct or not XD

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If you haven't unlocked Minato (4th Hokage), you haven't unlocked them all, since Minato is the very last one.

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i Just wanted to say for the record that minato isn't last the last character to be unlocked its Lars and only thing i can think of is that maybe there are alternate forms yet to be unlocked, DLC characters yet to be released or an error with the trophies, im in the same boat btw.

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You have to unlock Hokage naruto and/or everyone's other forms. For example, Sasuke has his original and Karin form. But i don't know how D:

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Yes I remember seeing a list of the full roster and Hokage Naruto is a Costume for Sage Naruto, so it probably counts as a character, I am in a situation where thats the only character missing and haven't earned that trophy.

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You will play to earn SP for characters.

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You are forgetting about hokage naruto you get him by praying to this one shirne

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Voting up LL Steve's answer. But I'd like to add that you might have also had to pray at all the other statues, or prayed a certain number of times, if it doesn't work the first time you do it.

I prayed at every single one along the way and when I did the one there I also unlocked him.

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I got all characters by playing Hinata at single player game with a human in 40 minutes. finish the fight with full life by using finishing move and a combo with special in under 20 secs and you'll get 11,000 SP minimum. you'll have 600,000 SP in no time! enjoy!

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U have to unlock hokage naruto after u complete the game, by going to frog mountain and praying to the statue by the house.

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you have to beat the game first, then go to Mount Myoboku. Go upstairs and investigate/pray to the statue. That is the only way to unlock Hokage (Costume) Naruto, and it does earn a trophy. :)

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