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Has anyone seen more then one Physical Blade?

Just wondering if there are multiple physical blades because iv only seen one and i believe i have all the parts. However im not sure because it seems odd that one items would have a category all to its self, if there is only one why not place it with posts?


kyrzonxbl answered:

So far, no. Only one blade as I've seen, but more may come as DLC.
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MrDhjins answered:

I have seen multiple physical blades in the form of chainsaws... though they might have been ultimate weapons.

I myself have not unlocked more than the slow switchblade wepaon in that category. perhaps they come at verry high team rank, or can be found in singleplayer.
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obliviondoll answered:

Murakumo is the only Physical Blade.

Ultimate Weapons include the Grind Blade (giant 6-bladed chainsaw) and Mass Blade (basically a huge hammer thing), but those don't deal KE damage and aren't classed as Physical Blades.

If you want the Murakumo to be effective, you need to practice boost-canceling, because the recovery animation is lethal if you miss your window and have to sit through it.
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