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When do I unlock Ultimate weapons?

Or at what point in the story are they available to buy/unlock?
We're they pre-order only?

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I got 3 of them when finishing the story. That's story mission 9. I don't know if everyone gets the same ones, or if I just did really well on story mode. 3 seems like a lot of rewards for 1 quick mission.

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You can get 3 of them from the pre-order bonus and u get the other ones once u finish the story missions.

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Assuming you did not pre order the game, you are awarded 3 Ultimate Weapons upon completing the game, the Grind Blade, the Mass Blade, and the Giga Cannon. When you complete all of the order missions you will obtain the Legion Pulse, and I think the last UW is given to you when you encounter and defeat a Zodiac member in a story mission, the circumstances of which are unknown to me.

In short, you earn them by playing the game. Not through the shop/team level.

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I have finished all of the order missions, there for I have encountered and defeated zodiac however I have no ultimate weapons, any ideas?

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There are some Order Missions with Zodiac ACs which show up and quickly retreat from battle when attacked. You have to kill them before they can escape (Pile Drivers help a LOT). Also, some story missions have Zodiacs appear when you complete secondary objectives within the mission.

Just finishing all the Order Missions doesn't mean you've defeated all the Zodiacs.

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