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How To Score From Freekicks?

Due to lack of instructions in the game/manual i can't score from any kind of freekick. It's either massively over powered and goes flying 20ft high over the net or it goes directly into the keepers hands. More over i can't seem to find any way of curling the ball which i thought would be a standard in football games at this point.

Any advice?

aardvarkcheese provided additional details:

As a note i'm playing as England and Lampard has a fairly high accuracy rating i believe but i've still yet to score or work out how


yakko1990 answered:

I had the same problem, but eventually my pro got to 84 free kick accuracy, and since then I can hit em pretty regularly just like I did in 10. I think it's just making sure you have high enough accuracy.
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bladearooney answered:

What i do is use a second player to touch it on and then shoot and that beats the wall and allows you to get alot of power on it as ive scored about 5 freekicks in different ways just keep on trying things thats what i did and know i can say if i get a freekick befor i take it i can say ONE NIL its great lolol xx
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