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Distract 10 enemies with a cigarette trophy? 1
Defend the Pangloss statue in Act 3-2? 1
How do u get the 40 foot dash trophy? 1
Is there any way to copy the save files? 1
  • Total Answered Questions: 4
Most Popular Open Questions Answers
Do you keep upgrades after you finish the game? 2
How many Hidden Pangloss Statues in total? 1
How do I beat Alpha Bogey, and Bravo Bogey? 2
New game + ? 2
About weapons? 3
It says on the box: custum sountrack...? 1
Cutscenes and voice acting are too quiet? 3
Bogey Alpha + Bravo (Hard Mode)? 1
Living Legend? 4
How to obtain the Failure breeds success achievment? 1

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