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Please explain the status icons, circles bars and colors under each player?

I gather the long horizontal bar is fatigue grading yellow green red to black? But what is the one to the right that looks like phone service, and what do the different colored circles mean, also the picture icons such as a star etc.

ps2cozbroke provided additional details:

Can enyone help plese


SuperChrisWhite answered:

Well their are a bunch of different symbols. The star symbols mean that is a " key player" meaning they are the teams best player. Some teams may have more than one " key player ". But the icons range from a player being super fast, a player being able to shoot 3's, or a player being able to catch exceptionally well.
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MinatoArisato94 answered:

Star means a key player, a 3 means that the player is a three point shooter and the wings mean that he is a high flyer. I haven't spotted any other icons.
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wsedfr0 answered:

the "phone service thingy" is it the bars on the right of the fatigue bar? if it is, its the hot spot meter. the more it is filled up, the better your player can supposedly shoot from that spot on the floor. it varies in color in this progression DARK BLUE <---> light green <---> Yellow <---> Orangy Yellow <---> Red This is the player hot/cold "tracker". Dark blue means the player is cold, red means he's hot/ on a shooting streak. They all start with yellow. Play well consistently and "go on fire" with it turning red. play bad and it turns blue. Hope this helps...
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