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Found a backpack looking thing on a pillar in baneswood?

I found and grabbed a backpack looking thing on top of a pillar in the first part of baneswood. If u go to the entrance of the lost temple in baneswood and follow the wall to the left of the door u will find it can anyone tell me what it is or does?


talon_29 answered:

its the final step of a quest chain, that starts by talking to the warden you wake up. Ask him about the other wardens, and it should start it. just follow your quest log after that, the whole thing is pretty straight forward
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TKOKING4U answered:

Thats the book of Chronicles. I s for a side quest that involves the Shaman lady in the Makers Forge and the legendary Giant Oran. Wich once he is restored he will need that book. to complete a Quest!!
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Mookiethebold answered:

It's part of a DLC quest that can only be started if you pre-ordered DSII from GameStop.
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RegisterUserID answered:

It's just a random piece of gear, it was level 2 and without anything but a tiny defense increase on it. Not sure why it's there, but just giving an answer that is relevant to what was asked since no one else bothered to read the question all the way to the end.
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