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Missing characters?

I am missing the Mouse droid, and the character directly above Boba Fett (Classic). Please help.

Talaeladar provided additional details:

Well, I found the mouse droid in the Sick bay, but still haven't found that other character.

Talaeladar provided additional details:

The missing character is a Luxury Droid. Not sure where you find her, I used a code.

Accepted Answer

PindaXL answered:

I found the mouse droid at sick bay, the same spot as the luxury droid.
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Revanchist84 answered:

The mouse droid should ride around on the Republic ships bridge and the character above Boba Fett you can find at the sick bay where you can make custom characters.
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SUNR1DER answered:

The Luxury Droid will become available after completing the mission where you rescue Ziro the Hutt on Coruscant. She's then found on the Republican hub vessel. Can't remember where though.
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Edward_Wise answered:

I found the Luxury Droid in the catwalk area that leads to the Resolute's hangar and where you get the red brick from sniping the green targets with a bounty hunter.
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