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Asked: 3 years ago

How do you get robonino?

I need to know how to get robonino as i cannot find him.

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From: DigiSim 3 years ago

Neither have I. I also discovered that Robonino counts as a small character. That means he, along with Yoda and the tiny droid, can use the crawl doors.

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If you explore your hub you will find a hanger. You select a ship then you will take off and be in open space. If you go right all the way you will find a Confederate ship. You can board it and start buying the characters over there. If you are a republic side character, they will fire on you and you will need to subdue them some before you can buy them.

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Robonino is another name for Grievous' robot guards, the ones with the sticks with purple ends. I unlocked it after playing a certain separatist assault but I don't know which one

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The first answer is right. The second is wrong. Robonino is actually a bounty hunter. He has a big head with a shark fin on top, while he wears a backpack that gives off sparks. To unlock him, along with other bounty hunters, play the Hostage mission to free Ziro the Hutt.

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Ah, but the robot guard I unlocked worked on the Robonino panels so I apologize for my confusion as I have never watched the show.

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