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    Character Studsqd2c31
    Dark Sidex1v4n2
    Dual Wieldc4es4r
    Fast Buildgchp7s
    Geonosian Starfighter unlocked.EDENEC
    Glow in the Dark4gt3vq
    Minikit Detectorcsd5na
    Perfect Deflect3F5L56
    Red Brick DetectorN3R01A
    Regenerate Hearts2d7jns
    Score X10n1ckr1
    Score X2yzphuv
    Score X443t5e5
    Score X6sebhgr
    Score X8byfsaq
    Stud Magnet6mz5ch
    Super Saber Cutbs828k
    Super Speedersb1d3w3
    Unlock Savage OppressMELL07
    Vulture Droid unlocked7w7k7s

    Contributed By: jcalof, JonAuc77, VanillaVilla, Jalaguy, and meweth.


  • Trophies

    A presence I've not felt sinceCollect all minikits. (Single Player Only)Silver
    Abandon ship!Complete Destroy Malevolence.Bronze
    Admiral of the fleetConvert every system to the Republic. (Single Player Only)Bronze
    Another bug huntComplete Legacy of Terror.Bronze
    Are all Jedi so reckless?Complete Jedi Crash.Bronze
    Attack of the clones!Deploy 500 Clones.Bronze
    Blending inHave all your party members disguised as Senate Commandos in Hostage Crisis. (Story mode only)Bronze
    Cheat!Collect all Red Power Bricks. (Single Player Only)Silver
    Clanker collectorUnlock/purchase all 'Droid' characters. (Single Player Only)Silver
    Field commanderUsing the Radio ability, command troops 50 times.Bronze
    Finders KeepersHijack 20 enemy units in Ground Battles.Bronze
    Follow me, boys!Complete Duel of the Droids.Bronze
    Goldie BlocksOverheat and destroy 50 gold LEGO bricks.Silver
    Got a bad feeling about thisLand on the Invisible Hand.Bronze
    Great shot kidDestroy an enemy building with a proton torpedoBronze
    Impressive, most impressiveComplete the game to 100% (Single Player Only)Gold
    Isn't negotiation the Jedi way?Complete all Bounty missions. (Single Player Only)Silver
    It ain't like dusting crops boyComplete: 5 Loop the loops, 5 Back flips, 5 corkscrews.Bronze
    Jango's army!Unlock/purchase all 'Clone' characters. (Single Player Only)Silver
    Jedi MasterTrue Jedi every level. (Single Player Only)Silver
    Land-o CalrissianOn a flying level, land a space ship whilst controlling Lando Calrissian.Bronze
    Liberation!Complete Liberty on Ryloth.Bronze
    Me'sa rescued youComplete Gungan General.Bronze
    Not so tough now are ya Sparky?Complete Rookies.Bronze
    Okay clankers, suck lasers!Complete Ambush.Bronze
    Oops. What happened?Complete Blue Shadow Virus.Bronze
    R6 take me homeComplete Lair of Grievous.Bronze
    Saberang MasterUse Yoda to defeat 5 enemies with one lightsaber throw.Bronze
    Stealth wealthCollect all Gold bricks. (Single Player Only)Gold
    Sure, as long as I get paidComplete Hostage Crisis.Bronze
    Tank 'n' SpankComplete Weapons Factory.Bronze
    That's no moonComplete Battle of Genosis.Bronze
    The Chosen OneCollect all Trophies.Platinum
    The dark side I sense in youFree all villains from the Resolute brig. (Single Player Only)Bronze
    The Force is with youComplete a story level without dying (and no invincibility cheat).Bronze
    The pleasure is all mine my dearComplete The Hidden Enemy.Bronze
    There goes my promotionComplete Defenders of Peace.Bronze
    They'll never see us comingWin 3 consecutive Arcade Mode Battles.Bronze
    This is just the beginning!Complete Genosian Arena.Bronze
    Time to take the capitalComplete Innocents of Ryloth.Bronze
    Torpedoes away!Complete Shadow of Malevolence.Bronze
    Twice the pride, double the fallDefeat Anakin with Count DookuBronze
    UH OH!Using the Force, take control of a Super Battle Droid and destroy 50 other Droids.Silver
    Viceroy of the fleetConvert every system to CIS. (Single Player Only)Bronze
    We live to fight another dayComplete Grievous Intrigue.Bronze
    We really did say no prisonersDestroy 100 Droids with the Clone Chain-gun.Bronze
    What a Rotta!Complete Castle of Doom.Bronze
    You can have my ship!Complete Storm Over Ryloth.Bronze
    Zillo ToleranceComplete Zillo Beast.Bronze

    Contributed By: R351D3NT3V1L4.

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