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When and Where do you recruit isabella?

First time beating DA2, but I completely missed Isabella, was wondering when and at what time is she available?

Accepted Answer

thespartan21 answered:

Complete The mission tranquiliy (you'll know you completed it because anders will become an official party member after you complete it) then go to the hangman (tavern) in lowtown. Isabela will be there
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SugoiRJ answered:

the 1st time u meet with Varric and he asks you to see him at the Hanged Man is where u met her. there's a cut-scene as u walk in.
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Rybal answered:

I am pretty sure that you are not able to get her to show up until you begin the Tranquility quest (Anders).
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Darknesse13 answered:

What? You cant miss her. She is a main character.
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dualblades answered:

After completeing the Tranquility mission for Anders, go to the hanged man in Lowtown. A cutscene will begin automatically and you will have the option of recruiting her.
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