Question from DracoShard

Asked: 3 years ago

How do you get to become the viscount?

Ive played through once and tried to achieve every trophy possible with my first playthrough. However i seemed to miss becoming the viscount. Does it have something to do with the choice you make with varric after returning from the deeproads?
My first time through i picked buying a business when he asked about my plans for the future.

Accepted Answer

From: RPGaddictionFTW 3 years ago

On the quest "The Last Straw" side with the templars when it gives you the option... after u beat end boss the templars will respect you then pronounce you as the viscount.

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I guess you sided with the mages? You can only become viscount if you sided with the templars at the end, otherwise you're on the run.

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Two ways at the end if you side with the templars you can be viscount or if youve already decided maily with them alreasy when alistair arrives he will consent to it being you already have the templars trust.

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