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Asked: 3 years ago

Having problems with forbidden knowledge quest can someone help?

I've destroyed 4 books and took 1 what do i do now? can i finish the quest? or did i mess up? because the forbidden knowledge keeps showing up on my side quests and i've been to dark town and can't enter the evil pit entrance

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If you take or read even one of the tomes makes the quest end after the 5th book is dealt with. You can only enter the evil pit if you destroy ALL the tomes. You can read the tome in the evil pit, but that is the only one that you can read and still complete the full quest.

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I think you're boned, do you have a save before you started the quest? You need to destroy the five books you find out and about, then read the forbidden grimoire in the pit. As it is now the quest will stay and you can't finnish it, which outside some xp and 2 stat points you are not missing much. You can always get the trophy on another play thru.

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If you read or take any of the books before the "Final Grimore" book, you will be unable to finish the quest, and it will stay in your open quest log no matter what you do.

The only way to get the 2 attribute points and still finish the quest is to read ONLY the "Final Grimore" at the end of the quest.

Hope this helped.

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