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Is there a way to reset your skills?

Such as you start as a rogue and play through like 20 levels as that but you would much rather use a bow is there a way to reset your skills so you can choose the new skills?


blackart1111 answered:

Yea,If you bought the game new there is an item called "Makers Sigh" that is available in the Black Emporium.It will reset everthing on the character that you use it on.
If you bought it used there is a series of quests called "Herbalists Tasks" throughout the game and from what I have read you can obtain the same item near the end of the game from that guy.Though I did not get it my first playthrough from him.Near the end you can fight some "optional" bosses and they drop an item that you bring to him.He will create a new special one of a kind for item.I killed the final dragon and got a wicked amulet.Didnt fight the other ones though.Hope that helped,Good Luck!
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hawke12345 answered:

Only way i found was to get the black emporium dlc and buy a makers sigh potion cost about 1 souverign but if u messed up on raising ur stats its worth the money u can also use this item on ur compains it resets all atributes and skills so if u picked a bad skill the makers sigh is really good only other way i know of is to start over
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