Question from Bobbysteels1

What are the jobs of the 3 characters that can be unlocked through multiplayer? o.O

What weapons and equipment do they have? (^.^;)


kennymyster96 answered:

The extra classes unlocked by reaching level 50 essentially the other teams class you get to use if you don't like your current team or it's just a second loadout for the same class (i.e. rifleman and rifleman 2).
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tigrex-killer answered:

In the beta it was just a second class. like if you got rifleman to lvl 50, you would get a second rifleman at lvl 0 so the decesions you made for the first rifleman you can do the opposite decisions for the second essentially having both fire ammo for the lmg and a bacscatter scope, saving the fear of making the wrong choice.
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