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Asked: 4 years ago

How many characters are being added in Continuum Shift?

How many on the disc? Are there plans for dlc characters too?

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From: donutmanstorm 4 years ago

Well 3 (Mu Hazama and Tsubaki)

and then 3 more for DLC (Makoto Platina and Valkenhayne)

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The total amount of ccharacters for CS looks to be 18.

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Not eighteen. Nineteen. Nu is Lambda's Unlimited form.

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Well You got Hazama, mu, Tsubak,i Makoto, Valkenhien, and Platina and more can be added so 18 if your not counting unlimited A-11- [hopefully they will add Jubei and carls dad maybe the original bloodedge and Tager 001]

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Characters on disk (15)
-Ragna the Bloodedge
-Jin Kisaragi
-Noel Vermillion
-Iron Tager
-Rachel Alucard
-Litchi Faye-Ling
-Bang Shishigami
-Carl Clover
-Tsubaki Yayoi
-Lambda 11
-Mu 12

DLC Characters (3)
-Makoto Nanaya
-Platinum the Trinity
-Valkenhayn Hellsing

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