Question from warbou

Asked: 4 years ago

Can this version of BlazBlue fight with gamers who have the copy of calamity trigger?

My friend dosnt want to buy the new version, but I still want to wipe the floor with them.

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From: kidreaper13 4 years ago

No you cant play Calamity Trigger on Continuum Shift. Continuum Shift is not an update for Calamity Trigger, it is a seperate game with a seperate online server.

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No. People who play Continuum Shift can only play other people who have Continuum Shift. Tell your friend to get Continuum Shift, as there really is no reason not to, provided he likes Calamity Trigger.

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Why do ppl keep asking if a game can play a past game? Um no fighting game can ever do that just buy the new version and think about your question before you ask it. -_-

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No you can't. The 2 games are different for a few reasons.

1. CT has a different burst system
2. Tiers have changed.
3. New moves
4. CS has moar stages
5. Moar Music

That makes the games incompatible.

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No you cannot play cross-game multiplayer between ct and cs. Balancing, movesets, system etc on Continuum Shift are fairly different to Calamity Trigger's. Continuum Shift also has new characters and new stages. It'd make no sense to have cross-game multiplayer if they're too different.

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