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Clear Endings?

Clear endings are the true endings for each characters right? So does that means I don't have to get a 100% for story mode with every char to get mu?

Ryudrake provided additional details:

Wow these stories are much more straight forward than the last game. Yeah I didn't need to get 100% just the main one.

Accepted Answer

donutmanstorm answered:

You only have to beat the main story for Ragna, Noel, Jin, Rachel, Tsubaki,Hakumen, and Hazama to unlock get the True Ending. And then beat the true ending to unlock Mu.

By main story I mean you have to just go and get the real ending (if you get an alternate ending you will see something say "One of the many possibilities of the Continuum Shift" and then some Kokonoe Help thing comes up)
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kingkrown24 answered:

U have to clear every ones story 100%, meaning winning battles, losing battles & choosing different options when your given the choice in the story.
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